Prep…Polish…Present - Level 2


Prep…Polish…Present - Level 2

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Greatness always challenges you to step outside your comfort zone

Prep…Polish…Present takes you to the next level in the art of being what you speak. It’s a two-day mastermind group for developing and honing your material. Accelerate yourself beyond just okay and into excellence.

Are you:

• Working on a specific presentation that just isn’t where you know it could be?
• Wanting to be able to create an excellent presentation so you’re prepared next time?
• Developing or playing with an idea or vision that you want to share, but don’t quite know how?
• Needing to test your content on a group of people to get meaningful feedback and FeedForward®?
• Unwilling to settle for mediocre content and delivery—to move out of good enough into greatness? 

Evolve and elevate your magnificence

Prep…Polish…Present is a catalyst for taking your speaking and presentations to new heights. You use your own content to explore and enhance all the elements of your presentations. Your audiences, team members, colleagues, directors, clients, students, and mentees will notice the difference as you increase your ability to:

• Deepen, fine-tune, sharpen, and zestify your material and skills
• Expand and strengthen your presence
• Master the PREP formula, FeedForward®, and the Art of Practice 

Stop just thinking about it and step in

Prep…Polish…Present is a perfect place for you to engage with your material in a new way and experience more fluidity and confidence. Elevate your game in this interactive and authentic environment.

When and where

Thursday, November 20 and Friday, November 21, 2014
Performing Artists Lodge (PAL) Theatre, Vancouver
8th Floor – 582 Cardero Street #300, Vancouver, BC  V6H 3L3 (map)

Ask us about group rates for 10 or more people.
Early-bird rate applied for people who register 21 days before the workshop.

Join us at Prep…Polish...Present to engage, experience, and elevate.

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