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604 999-0769 | Burnaby, BC   bill@standanddeliverworkshops.com

604 999-0769 | Burnaby, BC

As an author and highly sought-after speaker, seminar leader, facilitator, strategist, and corporate coach, Bill speaks with substance, brilliance, and sometimes frightening candour—but always with his clients’ best interests at heart. He has gained the respect of business and not-for-profit communities with his resourceful insight into the communication dynamics of people within varied organizational structures.

Building on four decades of successful entrepreneurial ventures in Land Development, Construction, Real Estate, Retail, Manufacturing (food, fabricating, systems), Packaging and People Delivery, Bill dedicates himself to making a difference in the arenas of Corporate Leadership, Transformational Change, Strategic Planning and Management, and Authentic Communication, as well as not-for-profit Board Development here and across the globe.

Bills irreverent humour, open generosity, and inspirational charisma are foundations for his delivery of over-the-top results with clients and colleagues alike. He helps individuals and groups face difficult issues, bring concerns out into the open for discussion, look for more than one solution, and learn to lighten up and enjoy life while being committed to meeting corporate and personal objectives. Alive with infectious energy, common-sense practicality, and caring insight, Bills compelling and genuine big-picture approach invites people to exceed their expectations and achieve new heights of satisfaction, joy, and peace.

604 812-3353 | Burnaby, BC   esther@standanddeliverworkshops.com

604 812-3353 | Burnaby, BC

As a passionate advocate for clear, authentic communication, Esther is a facilitator, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur who consistently captures the essence of an idea and translates it into crisp, accessible language…with heart. Her rich and eclectic background in Sales, Event Management, Freelance Writing, Youth and Family Counselling, Musical Performance, Movement, and MCing provides the bedrock for her dedication to helping people live their most authentic lives and speak with confidence, clarity, and passion.

Facilitator and Connector Extraordinaire she brings a fresh perspective, an intuitive understanding, and a clear eye to the table. With a compassionate and engaging presence, Esther weaves intuition and grounded wisdom to shine light into shadowy places.

A deep connection to body-mind-spirit, a sense of humour, and an ongoing commitment to her own personal evolution inform Esthers approach. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm for life create safety and calm while inviting you to step directly into your own magnificence…and unleash new possibilities for creativity and transformation.

250 574-3734 | Kamloops, BC    janice@standanddeliverworkshops.com

250 574-3734 | Kamloops, BC

Janice is a change-enthusiast who speaks from her experience and her heart. As a speaker, trainer, facilitator, and coach, her common-sense ideas and high-energy approach make her a perfect choice for those who want to navigate change in an ever-evolving world. Committed to the ‘power of choice’ and ‘in-the-moment-processing, Janice never uses a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to make ‘shift’ happen!

With over twenty years in Personal Development, Health and Wellness Initiatives, and Stress Management, Janices wealth of personal and professional knowledge and expertise continue to inspire colleagues and audiences alike. Her diverse background includes adult education, a counselling and holistic health care practice, and hosting her own radio show, ‘Revealing Choices for Life’™.

From the board room to the staff room to the conference centre, Janice delivers content-rich material with dynamic energy and quick-witted humour!