Public speaking and presenting with ease

At Stand & Deliver! we co-create unique, purposeful, and supportive environments so you can express and integrate your genius—with immediate, outstanding results. We leverage your strengths at every given moment, and provide you with practical opportunities to expand and advance your skills. 10,000+ people, and counting, have experienced the proven power of Stand & Deliver! workshops. We’ve helped people of all levels of ability and personality type, across dozens of industries.

Public speaking with a difference

Stand & Deliver! offers powerful, experiential, two-day public speaking and presentations workshops that invite you to be fully yourself. Stand & Deliver! workshops are personal development training with a practical focus on communication. There is no note-taking and no counting 'ummms'. Only confidence-building exercises where you access and develop your own voice and style in a safe, inviting, fun atmosphere.

It’s simpler than you think. In Stand & Deliver! workshops you learn to be clear, dynamic, and compelling; connect authentically with your audiences, teams, clients, customers, and colleagues; and make the best of every opportunity! You apply real-world tools that help you speak more effectively, confidently, and powerfully in every situation.

Lack of passion is fatal

When you really care about what you’re saying…and show it…that’s when people pay attention. Whether you’re speaking to a crowd of thousands, leading or participating in a staff meeting, connecting with a client or colleague, or at a job interview, you need to show up, get your point across clearly, and be engaging.

Stand & Deliver! workshops help you tap into your passion and experience feeling comfortable and confident in front of people. Speak magnificently with your voice and your style…every time. Elevate your career and increase your bottom-line

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