Manage Meetings Masterfully


Manage Meetings Masterfully


Meetings, meetings, and more bloody meetings

Something is quite wrong with so many of the meetings we attend. There has to be a better way—Manage Meetings Masterfully is a half-day workshop that changes the way you approach and lead meetings. We don’t own rose-coloured glasses (any more), but we do know one thing. When you put intelligent, dedicated, and accountable people in a room with well-defined tasks, clear expectations, and reasonable timelines, they do it—in spite of bad meetings.

Wouldn’t it be better to have more engaging and effective meetings?

In Manage Meetings Masterfully, you are guided through a series of strategies and techniques that show you how to stay purposeful, accountable, and on track. You also receive a manual that includes templates to use and share with your colleagues/teams as you prepare for, execute, and follow up on future meetings.

Whether you’re an experienced meeting chair or you’re new to the whole game, we show you how to make significant, practical shifts and watch the amazing results unfold. 

Tapping into and activating your collective EQ, IQ, PQ, RQ, and SQ* 

Meetings can be productive and even fun when they’re done well. If you’re going to have meetings, make them short, powerful, and effective. When you use what you learn from Manage Meetings Masterfully, you will have fewer meetings and higher productivity.

* Intelligence Quotient (intellectual ability), Emotional Quotient (emotional application), Physical Quotient (physical aptitude), Reputation Quotient (personal ‘brand’), Spiritual/Social Quotient (wisdom and compassion)

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