Level 1-Stand…Speak…Soar



Have you been:

  • Blowing opportunities because you can’t speak and present yourself better?

  • Wrestling to find the ‘right’ words and then not able to speak them when you need to?

  • Wanting to boost your career to the next level?

Unconventional speaking workshops

Level 1-Stand…Speak…Soar is a two-day, non-traditional, experiential speaking expedition. With a strategic set of fun, practical, and inspiring exercises we help you interrupt old patterns and get you out of your own way. At Level 1-Stand…Speak…Soar you experience and integrate skills that make it easy for you to speak clearly, confidently, and in your own voice and style…immediately.

Are you ready to be extraordinary?

Level 1-Stand…Speak…Soar is not theoretical…it’s a practical application in each moment, whatever your level. Using our book, You're On! Authentically Rocking the Mic, (sent to you in advance of the workshop) as the framework and foundation for the two days, you leverage your own strengths and the dynamic of the group in every activity.

Your playing small does not serve you or the world. Level 1-Stand…Speak…Soar is a ‘must do’ workshop if you want to elevate your career and increase your bottom line results.

If you’re not really present, resourceful, and compelling in all your interactions…you’re throwing money away, and you’re leaving your destiny unfulfilled!


When and where

Thank you for your interest in Stand & Deliver! Workshops

Next Level 1 Workshop: TBA

Times: 9:00am-5:00pm

Where: Glenbrook Park Amenities Centre - 76 Jamieson Ct, New Westminster, BC

Next Level 2 Workshop: TBA. Level 1 is a pre-requisite for Level 2.

Level 1 : $995 + GST

Level 2 : $995 + GST

Level 1 & 2: $995 + GST (regularly $1990)

When you pre-purchase both Level 1 & 2 a minimum of three weeks prior to the first workshop, you receive the following THREE bonuses:

BONUS 1: Manage Meetings Masterfully Guide ($495 value)

BONUS 2: Lunch & snacks – locally sourced, whole food ($100 value)

BONUS 3: Draw for 2 hour public speaking coaching with Bill & Esther ($495 value)

Your Workshop:
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For alternate registrations via cheque or email money transfers, contact Esther directly: esther@standanddeliverworkshop.com 

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